Be better than the rest or be different from the rest?

Since young, our life have been following a structured path. We always look at others’ life for an example to ensure we are in the right track. For example at a certain age what we should be studying (e.g. Going to college). If let’s say after your high school, you chose to travel around the world like a gap year or work to gain work experience first, this is not what majority of your friends may be doing.

At times, when things fails, you may feel down and tends to feel that it would have been better if you just choose to follow the same path as your friends.

But those who stick to what they believe will ultimately gets what you want.

I always thought, instead of being better than rest, I rather strive to be different from the rest.

It doesn’t matter, if another colleague or classmate or friend is better that you in any aspect. They can be better, smarter or fitter!!!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because they are who they are and you are who you are. Shaped by your experiences in life and the people you have met in life.

I always told myself, whatever work or assignment given to me, I will strive to do it in my best of ability. Of course with my own touch!!!

Life should not be a race, it should be a stroll in park that needs to be enjoyed. Why would you want to run your whole life, holding your breath and at the crossing line, then starts to finally breath intensively. You will be very tired and will be trying to catch your breath. Instead appreciate the walk/ or the slow jog, in the process enjoying the view and taking in deep breaths of fresh air. That’s life!!!

It doesn’t matter who leads first, what matters is who finishes the race of life first peacefully and happily with your love ones.

In summary, don’t get caught up with the race to be better in everything, instead choose your own destiny and live life to the fullest.

Destiny is matter of chance.But some people prefer to write it themselves.


Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Looking to unwind after a long day after work? Good comfort food at affordable price? According to me the best choice will be Singapore Zam Zam restaurant (

Go with your friends so that you could order few items and share it (Goodness need to be shared 🙂 )

My favourite is their mutton briyani and chicken murtabak washed down with Teh Halia (Milk Tea with Ginger extract).

The price is reasonable, mutton briyani costs SGD6.50 and the chicken murtabak (small) costs SGD6.00

Life in Singapore is becoming stressful. There are crowds everywhere and most places have food that are overpriced and doesn’t taste good!!!

One of the last remaining bastion where the food tastes good, reasonably priced and where there is still a relaxing ambiance is Zam Zam.

Definitely one of the place I will go to after a long/tiring day at work with good friends to unwind and fill your stomach.

If you live in Singapore, what are you waiting for? If you are in overseas, visit it if you got a chance.


Hello World!

Typically when anyone starts learning any programming language he or she will start with programming a simple “Hello World” message.

Similarly today, I have started using WordPress for my scribbles and I have used “Hello World!” to greet the world out there.

Hopefully my scribbles will be useful to any readers who have stumbled upon this page.