Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

Looking to unwind after a long day after work? Good comfort food at affordable price? According to me the best choice will be Singapore Zam Zam restaurant (

Go with your friends so that you could order few items and share it (Goodness need to be shared 🙂 )

My favourite is their mutton briyani and chicken murtabak washed down with Teh Halia (Milk Tea with Ginger extract).

The price is reasonable, mutton briyani costs SGD6.50 and the chicken murtabak (small) costs SGD6.00

Life in Singapore is becoming stressful. There are crowds everywhere and most places have food that are overpriced and doesn’t taste good!!!

One of the last remaining bastion where the food tastes good, reasonably priced and where there is still a relaxing ambiance is Zam Zam.

Definitely one of the place I will go to after a long/tiring day at work with good friends to unwind and fill your stomach.

If you live in Singapore, what are you waiting for? If you are in overseas, visit it if you got a chance.



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