The Legend of The Dark Knight

What makes Batman more interesting than other superheroes? Since young I loved Batman and without fail watched his cartoon series and movies. Many times, I tied a black towel around my neck and felt that I am Batman!!!

And even after becoming an adult, somehow felt impressed by Batman especially recently when Nolan’s Batman trilogy came out. Each movie made me realize why I could relate to Batman.

Because he is a hero and not a superhero. In other words, Batman is the only superhero without any super powers. He is very similar to a common man on the street. So what? Ironman too is similar you may ask. But if you have watched the movies, everyone knows that Iron Man is Tony Stark but no one knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne except those who are close to him. Now let’s examine the take away from the Batman trilogy.

In Batman Begins, the key takeaway for me was to be focused and put in the hard work if you want to achieve something. Bruce Wayne is from a privileged background but he gave up everything and traveled to Bhutan to train with the League of Shadows. At the end of the training he stood up to what’s right and felt that what the League of Shadows is doing is wrong and went on his own path. Sometimes, the path you want to travel could be long and lonely, but unless you stick to your principles, you could never stand out from the crowd. You want to be part of the crowd or stand out from the crowd? Well the answer is already given in the movie. To become a legend you have to believe strongly in what you believe in and be willing to travel in a long and lonely path to reach your goal.

Batman Begins - Bruce Wayne's Journey

In the Dark Knight, the focus was on Joker. Joker did everything possible to break The Dark Knight emotionally and destroy what he stood for. In other words get The Dark Knight to kill him!! If you have noticed, Batman does not uses gun nor kills anyone. That’s what differentiates him. He follows his own rules. Even if it could be much easier to kill his enemies. If you have watched the movie, you would have realized that Joker failed in the end. Even though Batman had many losses, in the end the legend is still intact. The key take away from this for me was even when faced with adversity, you must not give up on your principles. That is what defines you and makes you who you are. It is easy to be as everyone else, you just need to follow them but it is difficult to be a legend. You can only create your own legacy if you believe in it. The following quote summarizes the key point here:


The final movie in the trilogy was The Dark Knight Rises. Initially, it shows The Dark Knight tired of what he stood for and in a “i don’t care because no one cares” mode. It is reasonable as in The Dark Knight he suffered from many losses due to what he stood for. But he did not forgo his responsibility. When Bane began terrorizing the city and when the city needs him the most, even with his physical handicap he don the cape to fight him. He suffered in his hands initially, his back was broken and he was thrown into a deep well. But he rise to win him finally. The key takeaway is even in times of failure, it is your character that will enable you to rise to the face the challenge. No one wins all the time, emotions and circumstances will bring us to our knees many times. But what we believe in and our never say die attitude are the ones that will stick with us at all times.


The Batman trilogy taught me many important lessons in life. If you want to achieve something, hard work is the key even if it is going to be a long and lonely journey. Never give up on your principles for anything or anymore. Your principles define who you are. And finally, your character will determine how you react to failures and how you will rise up again. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. That’s why the legend continues. What legend? The Legend of The Dark Knight!!!



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