Sri Lanka Trip – Pre-Planning

It has been a long time since my last post. Recently, I went on a holiday to Sri Lanka . Yup, you have guessed it right! This post will be my experiences and reflections from my trip to Sri Lanka.

How did the trip came about?

Well December was approaching, and myself and two other friends was discussing on what to do as we have still not cleared our annual leaves yet. Well you may wonder, what? Leave is always not enough and here you have 3 blokes wondering what to do with their leaves? Well that’s the benefit of being single!!! No commitments and you can do stuff in an impromptu manner. And thus during the course of 1 dinner, it was decided that the 3 of us will visit Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka?

Well we have heard alot of the country and the pictures available online are really beautiful, gives an impression of a paradise.  Below are some of the initial pics we saw when Googling. The pictures were very beautiful and gorgeous (referring to the beaches only :))



And most importantly, one of my friend is a Sri Lankan. So we could actually go on a road trip since he knows the terrain well instead of a tour group. I always prefer free and easy as compared  to tour groups as it is more flexible and you are more in control of what you want to do instead of following a scheduled itinerary.  Usually good things happen unexpectedly.

So our trip to Sri Lanka was finalised, we booked our airline tickets through Singapore Airlines for a 8 days trip in December and my friend took care of hiring a van which will pick us up in Sri Lanka for our roadtrip. Everything fell into place and the countdown begins.

In my next few posts where I will be chronicling about my experiences and reflection while there.

Stay Tuned!


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