Sri Lanka Trip – Day 1 (Colombo)

We arrived in Sri Lanka’s main airport, Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo through a SQ flight. As there was a recent Commonwealth get together for leader of the Commonwealth countries, the airport was well decorated with all the different Commonwealth countries’ flags. There were also quite a few Duty Free shops well stocked with many items. And since Christmas was around the corner, the shops were also decorated to give the festive feeling for travelers arriving in the airport.

IMG_2058  IMG_2064

Anyway we didn’t explore the shops much as we want to explore the outside more! We boarded the van that was earlier booked and off we go…..

The capital, Colombo was like any other developing major cities in the world. The weather was around 25-27 degree Celsius. One can see the different major brand shops.  At the same time, you can also find transportation like Tut-Tuts around the capital. It offers the best form of transportation around the capital for quick, affordable and accessible travel.


Our first stop was a upscale shopping centre where we had our first meal in Sri Lanka. I bought a noodles dish. One thing I noticed was that Sri Lankan food in general is very spicy and tangy. It was good because I love spicy food!


After the meal, we visited Pettah Market in Colombo. Apparently this is the busiest shopping belt in the capital. It is like a huge wholesale market where merchants from all over Sri Lanka come to look at sample goods and place orders. At the same time it is also frequently visited by locals because of the affordable prices of goods and the availability of different types of goods (from electronics to clothing to vegetables and poultries etc). Just look at the pictures below and you will get the idea of how huge and lively the place is.

IMG_2100 IMG_2097

After completing the obstacle course in Pettah Market (Haha…you need to look out for traffic, oncoming people, trolleys, stacks of goods whether going around the shopping belt), we began our road trip to Kandy a major city (second largest after Colombo) located in the Central Province in Sri Lanka.

It took us around 5-6 hours to reach Kandy. We booked into Holiday Inn for the night. The weather was very pleasant , around 19 degree Celsius. In Sri Lanka, the hottest is the capital and subsequently the central and southern provinces have pleasant temperature of below 20 degree Celsius.


It was a pleasant surprise. We expected like a normal hotel environment. But it was more like an house setting. It was cosy and gives an homely feeling. Furthermore, dinner was cooked in traditional Sinhalese manner. In short, if you are going to Kandy and want to get a wholesome Sri Lankan experience, Holiday Inn is a good place to start.


After a sumptuous dinner, we went to bed for a good rest and to start off the next day afresh to explore Kandy!

Stay Tuned!


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