Sri Lanka Trip – Day 4 (Badulla)

After a tiring Day 3 in Horton Plains, we wanted to take it light on Day 4. So we woke up late and had a late breakfast. We didn’t wanted to take the van. Our plan is to take train, tut-tut and travel by foot to explore some of the places around Banderawela. Our plan is to visit a popular place there called Adisham Bungalow. We took a train from Banderawela to Badulla (around 30 minutes). Below is the pic of the train we took.


Then we took a tut-tut to Adisam Bungalow. It is actually a monastary. The bungalow is preserved like a musuem showing how the founder lived many years back. You can read more about the place and history here:

IMG_2852 IMG_2837

There is also a shop there selling fresh jams and pickles apparently made from fresh fruits grown there. I bought the lemon pickles and to my surprise, it was very good.

Basically our aim is to have relaxing day where we could have some local experience and also at the same time prepare ourselves for the next day.

The trip to Adisham Bungalow was perfect, we experienced travelling on a local train, we took the tut-tuts, tried locally made jam/pickles and also at the same time explored a very scenic place.

The next day, we will be going on a long trip to Kataragama. A place steeped in centuries old traditions and culture.

Stay Tuned!!!


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