Sri Lanka Trip – Day 5 (Kataragama)

We left early from Banderawela to Kataragama. It is a pilgrimage town sacred to world’s major religions. It has history dating back to thousands of years. See:

Our aim is to visit the famous Lord Murugan temple there and spend the night in the town. And the next day visit the Yala National Park.

On our way there we came across a beautiful waterfall. It is called Ravana Falls. Apparently it is one of the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka and a widely visited tourists attraction. It also has a relevance to Hindu mythology based on the legendary Sinhala King Ravana. See:

We stopped for lunch there and at the same time appreciate and take in the beauty of the waterfall. See the pictures below and you will understand why!!

IMG_2896 IMG_2920

After lunch we left the falls and proceeded towards Kataragama temple. There are 2 main parts to the temple. On the way there is the small Kataragama which house some Hindu and Buddhist shrines.


After visiting the shrines there we proceeded to the big Kataragama temple which is the main temple. We reached there around 5pm, just nice to see the evening pooja which starts around 6pm. The temple was very quiet and serene even though there was quite alot of people.


We participated in the pooja. It was a very unique experience. Apparently the traditions and culture they follow is untouched. Meaning some of the customs that have been followed is being around for centuries!!!

It was truly a unique cultural immersion we had. The pooja ended around 8-9pm. We left and spent the night at Niro Resorts. It has decent rooms (unfortunately no hot water….haha) and basic amenities.


The next day we are visiting the Yala National park. It is the closest we have to the African Safari. Stay tuned for more scribbles soon!!!


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