Sri Lanka Trip – Day 7 (Dunhinda Falls) & Day 8 (Colombo)

On Day 7 we started out by heading out to the most beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. It was a short trip from Banderawela. We took train and tut-tut to reach the place. After which we trekked for about 2-3km to reach the waterfall. You could only watch the waterfall from a distance as it has been barricaded. But what a sight it was, look at the picture below. You could literally feel the water droplets as the water is crashing at such a speed into the stones situated that are at the bottom of the waterfall.

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It was truly the most beautiful waterfall. Imagine having a house there and you wake up everyday to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. That is exactly the type of feeling you get. You do not want to leave the place. After trying our best to absorb as much of the view as possible, we left knowing that we need to make our way back to the capital, Colombo.

In the evening we left Banderawela to Colombo for Day 8 and our final day in Sri Lanka before catching a flight back home. Our flight is at night so we still will have couple of hours in Colombo before flying off.

Day 8 – Colombo

We reached Colombo early morning of Day 8. We were exhausted from the 8+ hours travel from Banderawela. We rested in the morning and in the afternoon we headed out for last minute shopping. What else is the best place to shop other than Pettah Market!!

We bought some cheap shoes from Pettah market and stocked up on tea from the supermarket on our way to the Airport. After checking and clearing customs, we bought more teas for souvenirs.  Seriously, the range of tea in the Airport is really mind boggling.

Finally we boarded the flight bidding goodbye and farewells to Sri Lanka.

Stay tuned for reflections on the Sri Lanka trip in the next scribble!!


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