Sri Lanka Trip – Conclusion

We left Sri Lanka with a lot of good and long lasting memories. I think the impact was very great because we went with not much expectations and with a open mind. We just wanted to absorb, experience and immerse into the culture as much as possible. We didn’t research to a great extent and have a detailed itinerary. We just wanted to take it as it comes. True enough we enjoyed ourselves very much and at the end of the trip wished that we could have stayed longer. This shows that it was really a fruitful trip.

We met fantastic and hospitable people in Sri Lanka who are very happy and contended with their life.  We learned many life lessons in our trip there.

  • Be accommodating to all people.
  • Be happy and contend with what you have. Don’t chase after material wealth. Work hard and you will get what you deserve.
  • Never say no to new opportunity nor chance. You will never know where it will lead to nor the experience you will gain until you have tried it.
  • Be humble and happy. It is infectious and people around you will also be happy.
  • Live and Let Live!!!

In conclusion, life is short. So don’t waste it worrying about the future nor regretting about the past. Don’t think too much! Live the present to the fullest.

Enjoy and savour each moment with your love ones cause you will not get back this moment again.


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