New Year Resolutions: Is it necessary?

The new year have started almost 2 months ago. People have been asking what is your new year resolution, what are your aims, what do you plan to do this year etc. There were also a lot of blog writeups on new resolutions and what they going to start doing in the new year.

I also had new year resolutions and wanted very much to write about it. But I gave myself 2 months to see whether I will be persistent in following whatever aims I set myself before writing about it.

From my previous experiences in past years, it is always very easy to start a task. But what is difficult is finishing it within a particular time frame. Let me give you my personal experience from 2 such resolutions which I took in the past 2 years and wanted to finish it within that year itself.

First is obtaining a driving license 2 years ago. It started out well. I cleared the theory tests and started on the practical lessons. I took manual license. So it is much harder than auto where the driver need not worry about changing gears. Soon I found out that my hand, leg and eye coordination needs alot of practice. I managed to passed the driving test on my 4th try. So including the waiting time, it took me around 1.5 years to complete the task which I wanted to finish within 1 year.

Second is joining Toastmasters and obtaining the competent communicator rank by completing the first 10 assignments within 1 year. It started out well but soon it took me longer and longer to complete each assignment because I couldn’t think of new speech topics. It became more of a chore and after completing the 5th assignment it was 1 year and I didn’t renew my membership subsequently. With all due respect to Toastmasters, it was a fantastic program to improve on your presentation skills. But you must be persistent and be motivated to complete it.

In obtaining the driver’s license, I was motivated to get it. So even I failed thrice, I persisted and managed to get it on my 4th try. For Toastmasters, due to the repeated nature of the assignments, I couldn’t motivate myself to complete the program thus dropped out midway. Thus for the past 2 years I completed 1 resolution late and didn’t finish another. So this year what is my new resolution?


My resolution is to focus and have the perseverance in completing whatever tasks I do in the year. There is no point in setting a timeframe to complete a task. You already have a timeframe to complete projects at work. Why have it in life?

Live life like a walk in the park where you can see the beautiful sunset and feel the light breeze. It is not a marathon where you force yourself to run finish the full race and then take few days to recover (no offence to any marathoners, just my point of view. Really salute you guys, the max I could only complete 5km).


Don’t choose a resolution just for the sake of doing it. If you want to lose weight don’t take up a gym membership and go for 1 month and disappear for the rest. Instead choose an activity which you really wanted to do and stick with it. Thus you will enjoy it fully.

Mid last year I took up boxing. I really wanted to try it since watching Rocky movies (pls don’t laugh but it is the truth). I went with no expectation but with the mentality that just to enjoy the sport. It was not a new year resolution, just something I did ad-hoc in the middle of the year. And guess what, it has been fantastic so far and I have no plans to quit anytime soon.


In conclusion:

  • Don’t choose a resolution at the beginning of the year just for the sake of it.
    • It could be at any point of time of the year. The key is to fully enjoy the chosen activity and stick with it.
  • Life is too short to have time frame for activities. Instead enjoy everyday of your life like a walk in the park.
    • Work hard when at work (no choice folks, there is no easy money)
    • Experience life fully when outside work.
      • How many of us do it? We tend to focus on past quarrels or failures in life. (me too, I am trying to change)
  • You Only Live Once (YOLO).
    • So Live and Let Live!!!


Best Regards,

David Webb

“Live and Let Live!!”


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