Taiwan – Pre Trip

My next few posts will be on my recent trip!!! Travelling always excites me. It is an opportunity to explore new places, new people, taste new food and immerse into that country’s culture and tradition.

My last trip was to Sri Lanka. I wanted to go to a new place next that is vastly different from Sri Lanka and at the same time will give the equal amount of holistic experience.

Same as the Sri Lanka trip during one of those random chit-chats, this time with colleagues cum friends we decided on a trip to Taiwan.

Taiwan was always intriguing to me. We have always heard about its history with China and at the same time how different it is culturally and traditions wise from China. And of course the first thing I could recall at the mention of Taiwan is Shu Qi. IMHO, I think she is the one of the most beautiful (and hottest) actress in the world. The picture below is the testimony to my previous statement.



Ok she alone didn’t influenced my decision (Lol!!). So we finalised on Taiwan and proceeded to book the flight in Jetstar Airways and the necessary hotels. We are going free and easy so that we could go to the lesser known local places on top of the tourists’ explored places and at the same time explore Taiwan at our own pace.

Our itinerary includes visiting 3 major cities. Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taipei. Stay tuned for my next few scribbles detailing my experiences in Taiwan 🙂


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