Taiwan – Day 2 (Kaohsiung)

We started day 2 by making a trip to Qijin Beach Park. Qijin (aka. Cijin) is like a small island from Kaohsiung City and is accessible by a ferry ride. We took a ferry from Gushan Ferry Pier. The ferry ride took us around 10 – 15 minutes to reach Qijin.


The ferry is huge and the first level is open space for scooters and motobikes and the top level is for walking passengers.


The island itself has a huge chinese temple. The day we went was apparently some festive day so we were greeted with rows and rows of firecrackers set off simultaneously.

We proceeded to our agenda is to sample the fresh seafood available there. We went to a well known seafood restaurant there as shown in the picture below. We had a wide variety of fresh seafood (fish, prawns etc) at a cheap price there. It was truly a satisfying trip.

After lunch we walked along the scenic walkway facing the South China Sea. It was a surreal experience just facing the sea and knowing that there is nothing beyond. The vastness of the ocean makes you realise that we humankind are just minutes in this world.

As you can see from the Taiwan map below, Kaohsiung is at the extreme left of Taiwan and beyond there is only South China Sea.


After the walk, we decided to get ourselves some deserts famous in Taiwan. We had fruits and shaved ice desert. It was very refreshing after a long walk along South China Sea.

After desert we took the ferry back and subsequently train back to Farmosa station back to our hotel. Today we decided to visit the night market just beside our hotel It is called Liouhe Tourist Night Market. We tried the following food:

Seafood Porridge

-A concoction of porridge and alot of seafood boiled together. It was light, fresh and tasty.

Sticky Rice Ball

-Sticky rice ball with a salty peanut mixture as the filling.


Pan-Fried Dumpling

-What can I say!! Juicy meat filling.

Big Sausage in Small Sausage

-Sausage wrapped in glutinous rice with spicy sauce.


Smelly Tofu

– The smelly tofu here is not very smelly after being fried as it was eaten with mustard to mask the smell.

The night market is not as big as the Jin-Zuan and Kaisyuan Night market we visited the previous night. But nevertheless in terms of food it has a wide variety. With our stomachs filled, we retreated back to our hotel room.

Stay tuned for Day 3 scribbles.


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