30 things to do or start doing before reaching 30 years old

A break from updating on my travel in Taiwan. Let’s discuss about life in general.

I was thinking about it alot recently since I will be reaching 30 years old soon. Thought of just penning down from my experience on what I have done, should have done or should be doing. I may be wrong!!! But life is what we define. So keep calm and read on 🙂

1)      Getting  a decent education.

– Basically something that can gets you a decent job. It can be a degree, diploma or even a professional certificate. It should be something that could earn you a living with a monthly salary.

2)      Fall in love and get your heart broken.

– If it worked out the first time, good for you. You are one of the few. But for most of us, it would be a range of emotions from good memories to despair. The lesson learnt from the failure is the key so that when you meet your true love in the future, you will be matured enough to handle the relationship in the best possible manner. Learn from the past and apply the lessons to experience the best in the future.


3)      Travel to a least 3 countries with totally different living cultures.

– Unless you have travelled, it would be impossible for you to appreciate what is available in your country. Travelling is such a eye opening experience. You get to meet new people and learn new things. Who knows you may just love one of the countries and may want to just settle down there. 3 is just the number, best is to travel to as much countries as possible.

4)      Have a decent saving.

– Save a bit of your salary each month. This can be for the rainy days or even for you to take a break from your work if possible. So how much is enough? The amount should be just enough for you to go without working for 1 year.

5)      Do not have unnecessary liabilities that costs you money.

– It can be like owning a car which requires you to spend almost 25% of your salary. It is not worth it. Even though it can be used to attract chicks, on the long run it is just making you to lose your potential savings. So do away from such liabilities.

6)      Kick out drinking and smoking from your life.

– While you are young, you may feel invincible and may be thinking that such vices would do no harm to yourself. But as you enter your 30s, your body will slowly breaks down. Thus lead a healthy living. You can start by quitting smoking and drinking.

7)      Stick to a exercise regime

– You should exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Have a regime and stick to it. Like going to gym once a week, running in your local park once a week, playing futsal once a week or even other sports like boxing or badminton once a week. In the long run, it will do you more benefits than harm.

8)      Pick up a hobby other than work and do it religiously for a few hours each week.

– It can be anything. Writing, singing, drawing etc. As long you have a passion for it. Do it continuously and by the time you retire in 20 years time, your hobby could be your potential post retirement job which you will enjoy.

9)      Meditation

– Learn to meditate. It can be anything from breathing exercises or just finding a quite spot to sit and reflect peaceful. It will help in your mental health in the long run.



10)  Have at least 2-3 close friends.

– The quantity of friends doesn’t matter but the quality matters. Have at least 2-3 friends whom you can ask frank opinions. Family members are another source but usually they are not of the same age group and may not give the correct opinion. Having reliable friends who you can turn to for frank advice is the best.

11)   Start spending more time with your parents.

– Your girlfriend or boyfriend may leave you. Your friends may get busy with their own life. But as the saying goes “Blood is Thicker than Water”. Whoever leaves, you must know that your parents will be there for you. Spend more time with your parents. Fulfil their wishes. Make them happy.

12)   Mend relationship with your siblings

– We are all guilty of this at one point of another. Which siblings doesn’t fight when young?  Mend the burnt bridges. Who understands you more than your siblings? You need not be best of friends, but as someone you sees you growing up they can give you the correct advice when you are doing something wrong. (Read: Getting into the wrong relationship!!)

13)   Have a career.

– Having a job is different from having a career. You do a job just for monetary benefits. Career is something you can grow in it. No one likes working (including me!!), so choose a career where you have a high chance for a decent employment and improve yourself in that line. Well it is strictly for money, you have your hobby to fall back when you come back home.

14)   Make plans to further your studies.

– It can be a masters or something else. But this is to improve your highest qualification level. Well you could even take a 1 year break to pursue it. This is where your savings help.

15)   Have both formal and informal clothes.

– Informal is for your everyday dressing to work etc. Formal is for special occasions like ceremonies, weddings etc. Look the part for the event. It will increase your confidence too. And of course score points with the opposite sex 🙂


16)   Have a online blog.

– Writing helps to clear your mind. You can crystallise your thinking process. It also helps in your thinking process overall. Makes you smarter. You can blog about anything. Watch a movie, write an review. Saw something you liked or disliked, discuss about it. Travelled somewhere, write about it too. Soon you will get the audience. There are tons of free online blogs online. Register for one and start writing. Just be careful not to write anything to criticise about race and religion or criticise a person personally.

17)   Develop a reading habit.

–  I know this is easier said than done. But you can start small. Spent  maybe 15 minutes each day to read something and slowly increase the frequency and the types of reading materials. From newspapers to autobiographies. The key is having a reading habit,  just read what you like. You will be surprised that the information you picked up will be useful in your daily conversations and improve your general knowledge. And guys NO, FHM and Playboy doesn’t count as reading materials as you will be using other organs other than your brain to think 🙂


18)   Have multiple social media accounts.

– Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Even though this is a huge time wasting tool, you will be surprised how much you can learn from the it. Best holiday places to visit, well you can learn from your friend’s facebook postings if anyone have visited the place before.  Twitter helps you to learn about latest happenings in the world and Instagram well you will know how the food at various eateries look like. In other words learn to harness the power of social media. It could be useful in your work too. Keeps you updated.

19)   Have a decent collection of music.

– It could a iPod, MP3 player or any device that plays music. Have a collection of your favourite music and songs. When you are alone and stressed out, listen to music. It greatly helps you. It diverts your mind and you will be refreshed and will be clear headed to take decisions. You can be inspired too!!! (For me the best inspiring song is Eminem’s Lose Yourself)


20)  Stop watching porn

– In today’s highly sexualised world, we are tend to be sucked into the world of pornography. Once in a while is fine but don’t make it a habit. Well it is time to get the real deal guys.

21)   Stop excessive video gaming

– It is okay to play video games. But they are people who spend their whole weekends/free time playing video games as their only source of entertainment living in an alternative reality. Well limit it and get off the couch for other activities.

22)   Learn to cook

– Everyone eats everyday. Ultimately we work to eat. It will be very satisfying to not depend on anyone and fix your own meal maybe once or twice a week. It can be a simple sandwich, omelette, instant noodles or a hot drink. Key is to learn to make something for yourself which you yourself can eat in the first place.

23)   Learn to drive

– Mainly  cars. Just a handy skill which could be useful if you need to move around alot for your work or you need a temporary transport for your elderly parents or small kids in the future. Vehicle is money guzzling but when you absolutely need it if you do not have the license it will be difficult to get one as you need to go for classes and tests. Thus get one in your twenties. It will not go to waste, driving taxi is a career option after retirement too!!

24)  Learn to do your own laundry

– Your mum may be helping you with washing your clothes so far. But she is not getting any younger and I don’t think you want to spend a fortune on laundry services. Learn to wash your own clothes. Be independent, you are reaching 30 for goodness sake!! Learn to do your own laundry and fix your own meal.

25)   Have a credit/debit card

– There are many things that can be easily done online without the need to wait in the queue etc. Like applications for various things. You can also get cheaper stuff online like booking airtickets, buying clothings etc. You can save time and money. Well you can also learn self control and be careful of not overspending.

26)  Buying your own house

– In some countries it is quite strict that you need to be attached or married before you can apply for the public housing and private housing is very expensive. As least have a substantial housing saving separately which you can use for down payment for your own house when the time is right. You can’t expect to live with your parents forever.

27)   Train your younger peers

– It could be anyone. Like interns or your tuition kids. The key is to get the experience of imparting your knowledge to someone younger. Why is this important? Well it gives you the satisfaction seeing someone you have trained to succeed or do well in something you have trained them in. It gives you a preview about what it takes to be a leader. It also trains you to be responsible. People will look up to you. Like your nieces and nephews. If they see you drunk and wasted every weekend they may think it is an expectable behavior. Set a good example. Transit from being a follower to a leader.

28)  Start donating a small among of money every month.

– It can be 50 bucks or even lesser. Just a little for a good cause. For a less privileged child or old folks. It will bring immense satisfaction to your life. Not everyone is as lucky as you are.

29)   Start volunteering

– It can be once a month or even once a few months. Or if you are really enthusiastic every week. But just 1-2 hours per month to help others. Bring out the humanity in us.

30)   Start visiting your preferred place of worship

– Well it is up to individuals. It can be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. But the key is when visiting your preferred place of worship don’t pray that you want this or that like a bigger car or bigger house etc.  Instead say thanks and be grateful for your current life. It makes wonders to how you approach life. There are many out there who don’t get to live till 30 years old. Or even if yes, in a turmoil environment or suffering from life threatening sickness. So be grateful for your current life.


Well I am approaching 30 and thought to pen down my thoughts on what must be done and I should be doing reaching 30. This is just my point of view. I may be wrong, maybe at 40 if I am still around I could compare and write another list of 40 things to do before reaching 40.

#YOLO, so stop fretting about small things in life (e.g. being dumped by a girl, petty arguments, jealousy, arguments etc). Get out and live life positively and happily.

Live and Let Live!!!