Din Tai Fung – A Taiwanese Culinary Experience

Well as you have read from my Taiwanese trip earlier, one thing that stood out was the food. As I could not just go Taiwan to taste the food whenever I had cravings for dumplings, I have to look for alternatives.

Luckily, one fine day my best friend brought me to an authentic Taiwanese restaurant that made me reminisce about Taiwan. The restaurant is called Din Tai Fung. An award winning restaurant originating from Taiwan and has branches all over the world. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Din_Tai_Fung)

The interior of the place was great and the orders were all taken in a very systematic manner. Now let’s dive into the food.

The first we tried is their signature dish. Steamed Pork Dumplings. As the ones I had in Taiwan, it was served hot and the dumplings even have the juices trapped within the dumpling’s skin A sign of good dumpling.



The next dish was a surprise for me. Because I have not tried it in Taiwan. Wanton in chilli oil. The wonder was in the chilli oil which gives a titillating taste to the wanton.



The next dish was stir-fried vegetables. It was a simple dish made of tender sprouts and seaweed. it was a perfect balance to the spicy wantons and piping hot dumplings.



The nest dish was the Hot & Sour soup. Unlike the name, it was a mild and refreshing concoction of various ingredients which is pleasant and smooth to your throat.


We finished off with fried rice with shrimps and eggs. Usually restaurants will be stingy with the shrimps and eggs but here it was in right proportion. Great way to balance the meal and cool down the palate.



In summary, it was a great place to visit to get the taste of Taiwan cuisine. It was authentic, served by great staff in a pleasant environment and reasonable price. I strongly recommend anyone who have dumplings craving to visit Din Tai Fung. You won’t be disappointed.

*All pics are from http://www.dintaifung.com.sg/

Till the next scribble,

David Webb


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