S.E.A. AQUARIUM – Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

It was Christmas weekends. I want to spend some rather quality time doing something more worthwhile other than feasting on festive goodies. So decided to check out the SEA Aquarium at the Resorts World Sentosa.

While there, I decided to walk through the Sentosa Boardwalk since the weather was cooling and at the same time I could also get some exercise. Take note that it is also cheaper (SGD1.00 as compared to SGD3.00 for the express train from Vivocity, if during Public Holidays and Weekends, it is free).


All prepared for Sentosa!!


It was a ~20 minutes walk from Vivocity to reach Sentosa via the Boardwalk. The path have a scenic view as to the boardwalk’s right is the coastline.


Entrance to the SEA Aquarium adds to the festive mood.

Before reaching the aquarium, the internal walkway is lined with exhibits from various countries. It highlights the trade route that existed many years ago and how those countries brought their goods through Singapore for trading purposes.

IMG_0597 IMG_0604

After navigating through the exhibits, I finally reached the SEA Aquarium. The first sight is of a huge shipwreck underwater. Brought me memories of Pirates of the Caribbean.


Subsequently, I entered a narrow tunnel where you are literally surrounded by fishes!! And it seems to be very popular with visitors as the tunnel was packed to the brim with people taking pictures and selfies.


Well after this, it is basically fishes all the way. I felt like levitating above the fishes!!


There were also other water species that were displayed. Like this badass giant spider crab shown below.


Jellyfishes that look gorgeous on pictures.



There was even a Christmas tree inside one of the exhibits.



Just when I thought that it was alot of fishes for the day, I reached the final exhibit which basically reflects the grandeur of all. A giant display of even more fishes and sea species!!


The giant display was the final piece and I finally reached the end of SEA Aquarium. The grandeur is evident in each of the exhibits. It has been done up meticulously. Even the lighting was generally dark with a blue tinge. Gives you the mood of being underwater with the fishes.

I was amazed at the scale of the aquarium and wondered how they could maintain all this, keeping it spick and span.

I was also wondering, won’t the big fish eat the small fish if kept together? Haha, and I got my answer during my exit.


Wow, they physically feeds the fishes. Kudos, to the management for maintaining and taking proper care of the fishes.

After exiting, if you terribly miss the creatures, you can always buy back souvenirs that comes in their shapes.


Overall, it was a fantastic experience and a worthwhile trip to SEA Aquarium to spend my Christmas weekends.

Till the next scribble,

David Webb (@david_n_webb)