I am back!

Hi All,

After a short hiatus, suddenly the writing bug has bitten me again and decided to scribble more!!

I traveled to a few European cities in the past few months and will be sharing more about my experiences in my next few scribbles. But before that, an very important question

Ques: What do you need after a holiday?

Ans: Another holiday!!

Sadly that was my case. After a wonderful experience of travelling to new countries and meeting friendly folks, I came back to work and the reality hit me (similar feeling as receiving your grades in high school).

Piles of work and a ticket number to join the rat race.



Well every work place have colleagues whose only aim in life is to make you feel bad, my work place seems to have a disproportionately larger number of such characters. Well you can’t go holidays frequently unless you are a bad actor with six pecs but still get to act in movies or a 20 years old footballer who managed to make everyone believe that you are going to be the top footballer in the world and thus could demand few hundred grand per week in salary. Either one is not going to work for me so I decided to take up something out of my usual routine to keep my sanity and at the same time not risking losing my faith in humanity.

After searching around decided to pursue what I wanted to do for a long time.




Surprisingly the meditation classes I went to not only focused on breathing techniques and calming your mind but they will also sprinkle some advises that seems very useful in getting by life.

Like MSG (monosodium glutamate) that makes the food tastier, these advises spices up your life too. Only that it is much healthier when consumed as compared to MSG.

Stay tuned for my next scribble on positive living.


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