Positive Living

As mentioned in my prelude post, I have crystallized what I have learnt about positive living from my meditation classes and have summarized them as four main questions below. As some of the them are very deep (be careful of the risk of drowning) do ponder over them for self-realization.

1) What makes sea water salty?

Ans: Salt

This may sound cheesy, but a very useful analogy to remember what makes us angry? Our anger. Just like how if we remove salt from the sea water it becomes clear and turns into fresh water if we remove anger from our minds we will also become clear minded and have a fresh approach towards life.



2) Where to find happiness?

Ans: Within

Never associate your happiness with another tangible thing. For example, your happiness should not be dependent on your job. Because one day you may lose your job and this must not be the end of your happiness. You should derive happiness from within (sounds harder than deriving laplace’s 3rd order differential equation). Anyways we must try. In this way you can’t lose it easily.

3) What is your value?

Ans: Priceless

Never put a value to yourself by comparing yourself to others. Everyone is unique in their own ways. Don’t be too serious about success or failure. Life should not be taken seriously, as no one gets out from it alive in the end.

4) How do you want to be treated?

Ans: With Respect

This is something I follow even before going for meditation classes. Always put yourself in another person’s shoe. Will you do it? How would you feel if the same thing is said to you? If you will not do it nor feel great about it then do not do it to others! Life is a mirror. It is a reflection of your actions. In other words, karma. karma


Like Newton’s third law (For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.), what we do to others will ultimately have an impact on us. Good things happen to those who does good things. Live and Let Live.

That’s it folks. Hope you all find something useful in the four pointers mentioned above. There are definitely much more to positive living than these four pointers but I don’t want the readers to dread reading long posts like PHD thesis (who reads them anyways??).  Lol!! So as and when I come across good pointers, I will share with everyone.

Stay tune for my  future scribbles.



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