Laying the smacketh down on your job?

How many folks out there want to lay the smacketh down on your job (or colleagues) and just walk away with eyebrow raised? smakethdown

Guess many out there would want to do so, including myself.

Life is so unpredictable nowadays. Is there anyone out there who can confidently say when is their expiry date? The answer is no.

Advances in medical care may have increased the average lifespan of mankind. But always remember, “Man Proposes, God Dispose.” Many people passes away everyday due to natural disasters, accidents, diseases and many other reasons in both natural and unatural ways. In this uncertain world what is important is to live life happily and be contented with what we have. Carpe Diem, seize each day and live happily.

In a widely circulated list, the top 5 regrets of people in their dying bed were observed and recorded by an nurse working in the palliative ward. You can read about them at

The 2nd top regret is: I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

Now what is the one thing we spend most of our adult life on? Our job. Love it or loathe it unless you are born into a family of billionaires most of us have to work for a living. That’s where we spend most of our active life on. Isn’t it important to get it right and love what we do?

If you do what you love (for e.g. a hobby), then technically it is not a job but rather you are getting paid for doing your hobby!! Isn’t it great!! Not all of us could do what we like doing. But we can always strive to customise our job into one which is more enjoyable and meaningful.

To put it in Steve Job’s words:


I have known people who purely stick with their job because they have a family to support and their current job pays them well. Once we settle with what we have we may tend to tolerate our job instead of loving it.

So how do you identify that you need to quit your job now? Well from my personal experience here are the five signs:

  1. When you do not feel motivated to go to work.
  2. When your job feels like a chore for you.
  3. When you are working purely for the sake of money.
  4. When given a chance you like to give a Rock Bottom to your colleagues or boss.
  5. Where there are no improvements nor job satisfaction in your job.

After quitting the key is to experiment as much as possible. Try different varieties and fix on something that motivates and makes you happy. Even if you don’t find your ultimate job, never put up with abusive colleagues! What is important is self-respect!!


In conclusion, not everyone can quit our jobs tomorrow and just take a backpack and travel around the world blogging about our experiences. But we can always strive to improve our daily life to make ourselves happier. One place we can start, is by looking at our job. If it fulfills the list above then maybe it is time to look for a new job. Everything that has a beginning has an end. We have to just believe in our capabilities.

At the end of the day, in our travel to the end let’s reach it with happiness rather then sadness and regret. It is in our hands to make a positive change in our own life. And don’t forget maybe all it takes is a rock bottom on your abusive colleagues to get your goal moving (You need not quit your job, you will be asked to leave :)). Just Bring It!!


Till the next scribble,

David Webb


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